BM shield (DIY)

BM shield (DIY)

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Microduino Module BM Shield is a single lithium battery microusb charging and discharging management module, which is used with the cooperation of Microduino-Module_BM_Li-ion, and it has functions such as under voltage and changing and output indicator.


  • Charging and discharging management, and charging indicator and under-voltage indicator;
  • Small, cheap, flexible and open;


  • Look at the interfaces of the module at first:
    • A two dial switch, which is used to control whether output voltage(5V and 3.3V);
    • A microusb interface, which is used to supply power or charge the lithium battery;
    • There is a double color indicating light on both sides. The left is used as the voltage indicator, and the right is used as the power supply indicator;
    • A 1.27-spacing 4Pin interface (which is connected to "VUSB","SWI","BAT" and "GND" of Microduino-Module BM Li-ion,correspondingly);