Bluetooth 4.0 (mCookie)

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Bluetooth low-consumption(BLE) serial transmission module, which can communicate with other Bluetooth devices after connection, such as phone, and iPad with the help of the relative APP.


  • Low power consumption.
  • Support iBeacons mode.
  • Small, cheap, stackable and open.


  • Way of Communication: Serial port transmission and the default serial port is D0(RX), D1(TX);
  • Power supply: +3.3VDC 50mA;
  • Status indicator:
    • Before Bluetooth connection
      • Host machine indicator keeps on for 100ms every second when not recording slave machine address; Host machine indicator keeps on for 900ms every second when recording slave machine address;
      • Slave machine indicator keeps on for one second every two seconds.
    • After connection:
      • The indicator of both the host and the slave machine keeps on for 100ms every five seconds(twinkle to save power).
  • During the transmission, each data package should include less than 120 bytes. The higher the baud rate is, the longer transmission interval is. There exists loss rate during Bluetooth data transmission. So users should be ready for re-transmission or data check.
  • All AT instructions end with "\r\n " so you should choose "\r\n " while debugging under AT instructions. Most AT instructions work before connection and all data pass through after connection.
  • iBeacon has been integrated. Set by AT instruction "AT+MODE2\r\n" can be achieved only by slave machine.
    • Work mode: 0(transmission), 1(Direct drive) and 2(iBeacon);
    • iBeacon can be tested by Local iBeacons offered on App Store freely, and it currently displays the distance. For the usage method, please refer to: