Duo-H (DIY)

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Reduces height of module stack. Compatible with DIY series. Microduino-Duo-h is a horizontal extension board for Microduino another module.


  • Pin compatible with Arduino UNO;
    • 2.54 pitch Female Header is Microduino module based, the same name of the pins are connected to each other on the board, each pin is installed with the power and ground to facilitate debugging;
  • Define unified interface Microduino specification and contain rich peripheral modules. Set up the quick connection with other Microduino modules and sensors easily and flexible;
  • Two Female Header's each pin interconnects and horizontal arrangement on the board which can reduce the overlay height;


  • 3.3V regulator.
  • Onboard power supply indicator(5V, 3.3V).
  • Onboard reset button.
  • MicroUSB power supply.
  • Two Microduino UPIN27 seats interconnect on the board, arranged horizontally