GPS (mCookie)

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The GPS position module is compatible with the mCookie series.


  • High flexibility;
  • The update rate can reach 5Hz maximumly;
  • Supported by strong-function PC upper computer:u-center;
  • PPS indicating lights, which can make it convenient to judge the current state of the module;
  • Built-in rechargeable battery back-up(support the warm start or hot start);
  • Small, cheap, stackable, and open;
  • Ope-source hardware circuit design, and compatible-with-Arduino programming development environment.


  • Communication protocol:
    • Microduino NEO-6M module adopts NMEA-0183 protocol to output GPS location data by default, and it can configure the modules through UBX protocol;
  • Receiving characteristics:
    • 50 channel, GPS L1(1575.42Mhz) C/A code, SBAS:WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS
    • Capture tracking sensitivity: -161dBm
  • Accuracy of positioning
    • 2.5 mCEP (SBAS: 2.0mCEP)
  • Update date
    • Maximum 5Hz
  • Capture time
    • Cold start : 27S(at the soonest)
    • Hot start: 1S
  • The attached:
    • Cold start means that restart, when the GPS receiving history information saved by the module is all lost(which, is equivalent to the main battery and the backup battery both have no power).
    • Warm start means that restart when the module saves the GPS receiving history information, but the current visual satellite information is not consistent with the saved information.
    • Hot start means that restart when the module saves the GPS receiving history information and it is consistent with the current visual satellite information.
  • Characteristics of interfaces
    • TTL, compatible with 3.3V/5V single-chip microcomputer system
    • Serial communication baud rate:
      • Microduino NEO-6M module supports multiple communication baud rates: 4800, 9600, 38400(default), 57600;
  • Set baud rate through the two resistance on the module(R3 and R4, recommend 1k value):
R3 R4 Protocol Baud Rate
Not weld Not weld NMEA 9600
Not weld Weld NMEA 38400
Weld Not weld NMEA 4800
Weld Weld UBX 57600

Description of Pins

Name of GPS module pins Microduino pin Function
TX Default D2 (you can choose RX0) Module serial port sending pin(TTL level) and can pick up SCM RXD
RX Default D3 (You can choose TX1) Module serial port receiving pin(TTL level) and can be connected to TXD of SCM