Li-ion battery management module (DIY)

Li-ion battery management module (DIY)

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The Microduino Battery Management module is a discharging management module of a single lithium boosting to 5V output and LDO boosting to 3.3V output. It should be used with the cooperation of Microduino Module BM Shield.


  • Supports UPS(need the cooperation of Microduino Module BM Shield);
  • With high integration of electricity indicator, 5v boost voltage and 3.3v LDO;
  • Small, cheap, stackable and open;
  • With the unified Microduino interface specification and abundant periphery modules, which make it can be quickly extended and connected with other modules and sensors that meet the Microduino interface specification, conveniently and flexibly;
  • With 2.54-spacing female header connector interface, which is convenient for the integration to the pegboard.


  • Look at the interfaces of the module at first:
    • A 1.27-spacing 4Pininterface("VUSB","SWI","BAT" and "GND");
    • The active interfaces in UPIN27 are 5V, 3V3 and GND;The analog voltage detection on BM can be chosen between A6 and A7, and it can judge the quantity of the electricity of the battery through using mcu to detect the voltage of the battery. And you mustn’t rely on the protection circuit to protect the battery, which only works under extreme case.