mCookie 302 Expert Kit

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mCookie Kits are a do it yourself, easily connectable, modular electronics kit which features Microduino's mCookie Series modules. Perfect for beginners and educators looking to learn or teach electronics and programming.

The mCookie 302 Expert Kit by Microduino is the largest kit containing the most modules and sensors offered in a kit by Microduino. The kit features the beginner friendly mCookie Series modules, sensors and trinkets.

Just like all other mCookie Series modules you can use the Arduino IDE to create your programs. For programming beginners, coding with Scratch and Mixly is a drag and drop programming alternative to text-based coding.

With the addition of motors in this kit you can now add motion to your projects. The Motion module can help detect movement and orientation with its gyroscope and accelerometer. In addition, the WiFi module enables your project to connect to the internet. Thus, creating an Internet of Things project.

The kit also includes instructions and project examples to get started with. But with such a comprehensive kit. Who needs them? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.