Moisture sensor (sensor)

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The Sensor-Moisture is a soil humidity detection sensor.

*Compatible with the DIY and mCookie series.

Description of Sensor Pins

Moisture Sensor
General Pin Out Sensor / Trinket's Pin Out
PIN3 (SIGNAL-A) Analog Input
PIN4 (SIGNAL-B) Not Connected
  • General Pin Out is the standard pin out of a Sensor / Trinket connector.
  • Sensor / Trinket's Pin Out is this specific Sensor / Trinket's wiring in relation to the General Pin Out.
  • SIGNAL-A / SIGNAL-B are signals that could be digital input, digital output, analog input or analog output. Or special signals such as serial communication (SoftwareSerial, IIC (I2C), etc) or other special signals.
  • Not Connected refers to the Pin not being used for this particular Sensor / Trinket.
  • Read more about the hub module.


  • Resistance-type humidity sensitive component with high sensitivity;
  • Low consumption and high stability;


  • Sensor voltage
    • 3.0V~5.5V working voltage
  • Size of the sensor
    • Size of the board: 23.5mm*13mm
    • 1.27mm-pitch 4PIN interface connected to sensorhub;
    • CAD drawing of sensor: File:Sensor
  • Technical parameter
    • Output: 0~5V analog signal
  • Connection
    • This sensor can be connected to the following pins of core: A0~A7