Motion Sensor (DIY)

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The vector sensor module features a gravity sensing gyroscope, magnetic field detection, and pressure sensing. Compatible with the DIY series.

The Microduino Motion(Microduino-10DOF) integrates four sensors including one sensor of 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer(MPU6050), one magnetic field strength sensor(HMC5883L) and a digital barometer sensor(BMP180). Adopting I2C interface, it can be widely used in automation control, such as aero modeling and self-balancing car.


  • Adopt three I2C-communicating sensors, saving IO interfaces.
  • Small, stackable, and economic.
  • Open hardware circuit design and Arduino compatible programming development environment.
  • With a uniform Microduino interface standard and rich peripheral modules, it can easily connect with other Microduino modules and sensors.
  • 2.54mm (0.1 inch) pin pitch, compatible to bread boards and pegboards.


Magnetic field intensity sensor: HMC5883L

  • HMC5883L contains the most advanced high-resolution HMC118X series magnetic-resistive sensor;
  • Integrated circuit with Honeywell patents includes an amplifier, automatic degaussing actuator, offset calibration and a 12-bit AD converter which can control the accuracy of the compass to the range of 1 ° ~ 2 °;
  • A simple IIC serial bus interface.


Digital Pressure Sensor: BMP180

  • BMP180 comprises a resistive pressure sensor, an AD converter, and a control unit;
    • The control unit includes E2PROM and I2C interfaces. BMP180 transmits uncompensated temperature and pressure values. E2PROM stores 176bit individual standard data, which are used for compensation of temperature dependence and other sensor parameters.
  • Available range: 300hPa to 1100hPa (corresponding sea level to -500m -- +9000 m)
  • Absolute accuracy can be 0.03hPa to the lowest.
  • UP = pressure data (16 to 19bit)
  • UT = temperature data (0 to 15bit)

Triaxial accelerometer + three-axis gyro sensor: MPU6050

  • It integrates a 3-axis MEMS gyroscope, a three-axis MEMS accelerometer, and a scalable DMP (Digital Motion Processor);
  • Digital output for 6 or 9 axis rotation matrix, quaternion, Euler angles format (EulerAngleforma) data fusion algorithms;
  • With 131LSBs / °sec sensitivity and whole cell sensing range is ± 250, ± 500, ± 1000 and ± 2000 ° / sec of 3-axis angular velocity sensor (gyroscope);
  • 3-axis accelerometer is programmable control and the range is ± 2g, ± 4g, ± 8g and ± 16g;
  • Reduces the impact of setting given and sensor drift by removing the shaft between the accelerator and the gyro sensitivity, ;
  • The complexity of data fusion algorithms, sensors synchronization, load position sensors can be reduced by using Digital motion processing (DMP: DigitalMotionProcessing) engine
  • A temperature sensor with digital output;
  • Gyro operational current: 5mA, gyroscope standby current: 5uA; accelerator operation current: 500uA, accelerator power saving mode current: 40uA @ 10Hz up to 400kHz fast mode of IIC.