Motor module (mCookie)

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Motor functionality module is compatible with the mCookie series. 

mCookie-Motor is a DC motor controller with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for various speed control. The speed of the motor can be controlled through PWM and direction (forward or backwards). This module needs to be powered with a sufficient power supply such as:


  • Current & speed limited by internal PWM;
  • Synchronous double-channel can reduce power consumption;
  • DC motor braking mode;
  • Capable of controlling two DC motors.
  • Speed and direction control.
  • Uses standard connectors: 2 pin, 1.25mm pitch JST connectors.


  • External power supply: BM module
  • Pin Description
mCookie pin Motor chip pin Function
D6 1A Control 1A high level and rotate clockwise
D8 1B Control 1B high level and rotate counter clockwise
D5 2A Control 2A high level and rotate clockwise
D7 2B Control 2A high level and rotate counter clockwise
VMOT BM module Power supply
GND GND Ground


  • The pins including 5, 6, 7 and 8 cannot be occupied by other sensors while using the Motor or it may cause problems.
  • Cannot be power without sufficient power supply such as through only CoreUSB. Module Motor must be powered on by: