Quadcopter module (DIY)

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The Microduino QuadCopter drive control board module is designed especially for the quadcopter with a motor drive on the board. So, the only thing you need to is stack it with Microduino modules.


  • Onboard power management, including power supply, step-up (5V) and step-down (3V);
  • Onboard motor drive;
  • With Upin27 base board, you can stack more Microduino modules;
  • Small size


  • Electrical Specification
    • 5V step-up: Adopt PT1301 step-up scheme
    • 3.3V stabilivolt: Adopt LP2985 step-down scheme
    • Power supply management: Adopt TP4056 power management scheme and MicroUSB power supply interface
    • Onboard power switch
    • Battery interface
  • Motor drive: Adopt BSS123 field effect tube
    • Pins needed: D3,D9,D10,D11;
  • D13 connected to status connection indicator.
  • Onboard reset key
  • Upin27 base board
  • Wireless transmission extension interface