RTC module (mCookie)

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mCookie-RTC is a clock module adopting IIC interface communication, which can acquire time. With an onboard capacitor, RTC module can keep timing for several times after power disconnected.


  • Marked with century flag, second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year;
  • Adopt I2C communication with the core modules;
  • Own EEPROM memory chip with I2C interface.
  • Low-power clock chip with typical 0.25μA current value and a super capacitor, capable of keeping the module running even after power disconnected;


  • Clock chip: PCF8563
    • Low-power CMOS real-time clock/calendar chip;
    • Offer a programmable clock output, an interruption output and a power-fail detector. All addresses and data can have a serial transmission through I2C bus interface;
    • The maximum bus speed is 400Kbits/s. The embedded word address register will generate increment after reading and writing data every time.
  • EEPROM chip:AT24C32
    • Provide 32,768 EPROM serial power, which can be organized with a length of 4096 words × 8-bit;
    • Cascade feature allows AT24C32 to articulate eight devices on the same I2C bus, to have the replication cycle of millions times and save the data to 100 years with a write-protect function.
  • Super capacitor: XH414
    • Provide a power-down timing function in a time slot.