Sensor HUB (DIY)

Sensor HUB (DIY)

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Enables easy to use plugging of sensors.

12 slots available. 14 digital I/O, 6 analog I/O, 2 I2C I/O.

The Microduino Sensorhub is used to cooperate Microduino Sensor Series, to make it convenient that the sensors connect with the cores in Upin27, and extend the experiment.

The sensor / trinket connector are 4 pin, 1.25mm pitch JST connectors.


  • Integrate 12 sensor interfaces.
  • The size is small, and the sensor interfaces integrate on the Upin27 baseboard.


  • Include digital, analog, serial port, IIC interfaces and so on;
  • The specification of the sensors interfaces is :GND, VCC, signal 1, and signal 2;
  • Two IIC interface.
  • Description of pins:


    • Electrical level of pins:
      • The electrical level of IIC interface is 3.3V by default, and the one of other IO interfaces is 5V.
      • If there is a need, you can change the electrical level of other IO interfaces through adjusting the jumpers.