Servo Connector (sensor)

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Sensor-Servo Connector is used to link the servo with the interface of extension module.

*Compatible with the DIY and mCookie series.

Description of Pins

Servo Connector
General Pin Out Sensor / Trinket's Pin Out
PIN3 (SIGNAL-A) Digital Output (Servo Signal 1)
PIN4 (SIGNAL-B) Digital Output (Servo Signal 2)
  • General Pin Out is the standard pin out of a Sensor / Trinket connector.
  • Sensor / Trinket's Pin Out is this specific Sensor / Trinket's wiring in relation to the General Pin Out.
  • SIGNAL-A / SIGNAL-B are signals that could be digital input, digital output, analog input or analog output. Or special signals such as serial communication (SoftwareSerial, IIC (I2C), etc) or other special signals.
  • Not Connected refers to the Pin not being used for this particular Sensor / Trinket.
  • Read more about the hub module.

The servo can not link with the extension module (hub) directly, so a servo connector is needed. The servo connector have 3 above pins and 3 below pins, which can connect to two servos at the same time.

When connecting the servo and the sevo connector, please pay attention to the "positive and negative" , and make sure that the GND, VCC, and 1/2 three wires are connected rightly. The above pins is corresponding to the odd pins of Hub, and the below pins is corresponding to the event pins of Hub. For example, when connecting the servo to the 6/7 pin of Hub, if the servo is connected to the below pins, the control pin is 6; to the above pins is 7.