Single Color LED (sensor)

Single Color LED (sensor)

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Single color LED is compatible with the DIY series. 

Single Color LED sensor is a full color LED, adopting single serial cascade protocol. Only one I/O port can control the RGB color of each LED on the line. If the power supply supports, it can support the cascade of as many as 1024 LEDs.

Introduction of Sensor Pin

Color LED
General Pin Out Sensor / Trinket's Pin Out
PIN3 (SIGNAL-A) Digital Output (One-wire communication)
PIN4 (SIGNAL-B) Not Connected
  • General Pin Out is the standard pin out of a Sensor / Trinket connector.
  • Sensor / Trinket's Pin Out is this specific Sensor / Trinket's wiring in relation to the General Pin Out.
  • SIGNAL-A / SIGNAL-B are signals that could be digital input, digital output, analog input or analog output. Or special signals such as serial communication (SoftwareSerial, IIC (I2C), etc) or other special signals.
  • Not Connected refers to the Pin not being used for this particular Sensor / Trinket.
  • Read more about the hub module.


  • With small size which is easy to install;
  • Adopts single serial cascade protocol, which makes it cascadable;
  • Only one I/O port can control the RGB color of each LED on the line;
  • Can achieve 256-grade (1600W) toning of RGB, and the scanning frequency is not less then 400Hz/s