WiFi, ESP8266 (DIY)

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The Microduino WIFI(ESP) is a WIFI communication module, which can communicate with Core+/CoreUSB (Core can not be used, because its baud rate can't reach at 115200.) through the serial port or connect with other WIFI devices and is a complete and system-in-itself wifi network resolution.


  • Serial communication.
  • Internet connection available.
  • Small, cheap, stackable and open.
  • High on-chip integration.
  • Have a strong on-chip processing and storage capabilities.
  • Reduce the occupancy of system resources in operation.
  • Available for integrating sensosr and other application specific devices through the GPIO port.


  • Communication method: Serial passthrough with the default serial port D2(RX), D3(TX);
  • Power supply: +3.3VDC 50mA;
  • Status indicator;
  • SDIO 2.0, SPI and UART interface;
  • 32-pin QFN sealed ;
  • With RF switch, balun, LNA, 24 PA dBm, DCXO and power management unit (PMU) integrated;
  • With RISC processor, on-chip memory and external memory interface integrated;
  • With MAC/ baseband processor integrated;
  • High quality service management;
  • With I2S interface required by high fidelity audio applications;
  • All internal power supply contains on-chip low dropout linear regulator;
  • Proprietary spurious free clock generation architecture;
  • With WEP, TKIP, AES, and WAPI engines integrated.